Blade Sharpening Fundamentals DVD Review

I have been collecting knives for several years now. I particularly love to collect traditional knives used for hunting, camping, and the outdoors. My passion for knives has also lead to frustration. This frustration comes from not being able to to sharpen my knives correctly. I have tried all sorts of nice sharpeners, techniques, books, and YouTube videos to no avail. In fact, it seemed like the harder I tried, the dollar my knives became. That was until I purchased Murray Carter’s Blade Sharpening Fundamentals DVD. At first I was a little bit skeptical but after completing the DVD and practicing the techniques that Murray teaches. I was able to get my knives razor-sharp. Since then I have sharpen hundreds of knives, and every one of them has been sharp enough to easily slice through paper and shave the hair off my arm. So if you’re like me and struggle with sharpening knives, I would highly recommend purchasing Murray Carter’s DVD.

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