Arnold Schwarzenegger Iron Pump Pre-Workout Review

When I first got my Arnold I pump pre-workout muscle formula I sure was excited, but my excitement soon turned to dismay. I realized that Arnold’s pre-workout formula was not all that muscle form advertised. Sure it had all of the usual ingredients, caffeine, L-arginine, L-glycine,etc…, But it just didn’t do it for me. The packaging seemed great, and I wanted the product to be awesome, but it under-performed.

I purchased the fruit punch flavor at my local Walmart and I was excited to try it out the next day at the gym. Immediately after mixing this new pre-workout drink I noticed that it smelled like bubblegum Pepto-Bismol. Upon drinking this strange brew, I realize that it tasted just like it smelled. After about 30 minutes my stomach started to turn and left me feeling uneasy. I was unsure whether I should lift weights or run to the bathroom. So I tried this product for a few days with the same results. On the take a few weeks off and then give this product another chance. Although I was disappointed with Arnold’s pump pre-workout, and had to return to using C4, I still love Arnold and will continue to try new products he comes out with the future.

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